Jul 26, 2017

LSS : Versace on the Floor (by Bruno Mars)

Yup! You read that right! I've been listening to Bruno Mars' song the last few days. This country girl (by heart) is dancing like crazy to this slow-jam! How do I stop???

I've been hearing this song for quite sometime, but the last time I heard this in public was right after my recent date with this dude I've known since I was a kid. Haha~ (I hope you're not reading this blog post duuuude! :P)

I'm totally obsessed with this song's indelible hook (that I've been probably associating with the post date high). I also love the 80's or 90's kinda vibe that reminds me so much of Boyz II Men. And the lyrics...well, it's just something I would find creepy let's say I'm 20 years younger. Haha! But it's something that actually makes me smile like crazy now that I'm an adult-ish.

I was not a big fan of Bruno Mars (before I seriously listened to this song), but I have to admit, the guy is really talented. I hear his songs all the time when I'm out in public places but I don't really play them on repeat when I get home. This is the first song from him that got me totally hooked! Shame on me, I know!!!

Here's a live version of it!

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