Oct 30, 2016

Review: Avon Perfectly Matte Lipstick (Coral Fever)

I changed my location, AGAIN! Yeah, I'm back in the city, yo!  And aside from the change of location, there are a few changes in my lifestyle as well.

I'm back to the epic commuting scene, the hellish traffic, the crazy tempers of people in public places and the temperature is certainly not helping. I also got a new job and since I started working here, I felt like I used up four month's worth of lipstick during the first two weeks. Why? Well, like I always say, I talk for a living. But, in my previous jobs, I'm literally just talking over the phone everyday at my cubicle. I still teach online, however, I am doing video classes now. That means I have to spend my working hours looking as presentable as I could. I HAVE TO TALK IN FRONT OF A CAMERA for a living and this is something I have never done before. Yeah, I vlog~ but this is different. When I am using my own camera to vlog about my shenanigans, I don't usually put make up on. I just record whenever I feel like it. Messed up hair? No problem. Pajamas? Who cares? But this is work man!

So, I got so freaking conscious when I started on this new job. I'm not used to seeing myself on the computer screen while talking. I had to make sure my hair looks fine on the camera and that I'm not showing too much cleavage (or bra strap!) It somehow reminded me of my internship. Back then, I was forced to wear heels and put full make up on to look presentable in front of my students. I hated putting make up on EVERY.SINGLE.DAY of my internship. I know that it's bad for my skin and I am just lazy as sh*t to wake up few minutes earlier just to doll up. Don't get me started with the bedtime skincare routine! I hated using makeup remover just so I could make sure none of those foundations would stay on my face the entire night. Urgh!

I don't hate makeup but dolling up is something I don't want to do everyday.

I'm not really obliged to put full makeup on, but the point is...I can't look pale.

I actually still have three shades of lipsticks. The newest is just a cute cheap one from Watsons that I bought on a whim. My favorite shade is that MAC lipstick Bewitching Coral that I purchased way back 2014. I still have some of it but I find it a bit embarrassing to use it in public because it has this weird angular shape that most of my friends laugh about every time I whip it out of my purse.

The one from Watson's though, no matter how cute I think it is, looks so light even when I am just taking photos. It's something I can wear if I am just chilling with my friends over the weekend. But I know I couldn't wear that shade and not look pale in front of a video camera. So, I tried to look for a new one. I was opting for something classy and affordable. My sister's friend handed me a brochure one time and it was like destiny when I came a cross the page that has photos of matte lipstick that are currently on sale. My eyes scanned the page and before I knew it, I got my eyes on this AVON Perfectly Matte Lipstick (Coral Fever). I actually thought about getting the Ruby Kiss but I figured that that shade looks much better on women with really fair skin. Since I really love my Bewitching Coral lipstick before, I opted for something similar to it.

I've never purchased a matte lipstick before. I've always loved a shiny finish when I'm wearing lipstick. That's why my lipstick would always come with a lip balm or lip gloss. But since I'm twenty-freaking-eight now, I realized maybe it's time to change my game too. Maybe I have to say goodbye to glossy, kissable lips for now and try something a bit more sophisticated. (Eew, what am I saying?) I wasn't sure if I was gonna like my order, but, I was still excited to get it.

When my order arrived, I was quite impressed with its classy black tube that is so different from the Simply Pretty lipstick tubes that I used to buy. I also dig the engraved AVON on it. I really wanted to try it immediately but I tried my best not to. I knew I would eventually be doing a review of it, so, I took a few shots and I posted one on Instagram.

- It really has that velvety smooth feel when you glide it on your lips.
- The Coral Fever shade which is very close to red somehow gives the illusion that you have white teeth.
- It lasts for 4-6 hours (if you don't eat too much while wearing it)
- It feels light on my lips though it gives a bright color.
- It looks good even if you don't use a lip liner.
- Very affordable! (I got mine on sale, P299!)

- It wears off after eating (a sandwich or rice meal)
- The tubes from Avon Philippines are actually different from the ones I saw from other countries. :(

For me, it has more pros than cons, so, I think this is really worth my money! 


  1. No matter what style of lip color we prefer (sharp, bold and dramatic colors, or more natural and subdued shades that can be translucent), we will instantly feel more beautiful.

    Kaya, kahit lipstick lang oks na oks na ^ ^ Cyndrel

    1. Salamat sa comment IB! Thanks for reading this post! ^.^

  2. I heard from a friend who works for Avon, Avon apparently bought their new matte lipstick formulation rights from MAC. I'm not sure about the details, but it's something like that. Avon's matte lippies are awesome, but they're not as long lasting as I want them to be, I guess. Good pricing, nonetheless.

    1. wow~ from MAC? anyway, I wanna try the other shades too, however, I need something that would last longer~ hehe~ even if I grab a bite in between classes! ^^

  3. I have bookmarked your blog, the articles are way better than other similar blogs.. thanks for a great blog!

    1. Thank you so much for making time to read my blog! :) I really appreciate the comment!

  4. Nice post. I also love Avon lipstick, and the information about Avon matte lipstick is very nice. I am very happy to read your blog. Thanks for such post and please keep it up.

    1. Hi there Eliana! This is the first matte lipstick that I've actually tried! I have to say this changed my life! Haha~ I currently have 3 shades of Avon Perfectly Matte lipstick. I will publish a blog post about them SOON! Thanks for the comment! Stay pretty! ;)

  5. I just like the valuable information you provide to your articles. I will bookmark your blog and take a look at again right here frequently.

    1. Thank you so much for that! I am deeply moved! Care to share where you are from? If you want, you can also subscribe to my blog so that you can get a notification on your email every time I have a new blog post. Don't worry, I don't post everyday! So, I'll make sure that you won't have an overflowing notification on your inbox! ;)

      Have you tried Avon Perfectly Matte lipstick before?


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