Jul 20, 2016

Meet My Relatives!

So, my relatives came to visit Baguio for three days on the last week of June. I tagged along on their second day here and I vlogged about it. Here's what happened!

Jul 1, 2016


My name is Cyndrel. I am a lifestyle blogger from the Philippines. I talk for a living and I write in my spare time. I write mostly about the places I've been to, the awesome people that I've met, the food that I love to eat and the things I have learned and still learning about life. 

If there's one thing I have been consistently doing for the last five years, that would be updating this blog. It started as an online diary, however, I have decided to use this blog to reach out to people who, like me, are just trying to live the best way they know how, no matter how imperfect they are. 

I am currently looking for people who can help me grow as a blogger. I am constantly looking for new things and ideas that I can share on my blog. If you think you can help me meet my goals, let's talk! 

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