Jun 18, 2016

Rare morning! (Thursday Vlog)

I'm not a morning person anymore, but, once in a while I wake up earlier than usual.

I made this vlog last June 16, 2016. I just wanna stick to my promise that I will be doing more vlogs~ hehe. I'm actually having fun doing it! Though editing takes time, I'm totally okay with it. Just wanna give you guys a glimpse of my life in my new found haven. It's really fun walking around this town, especially on a good weather! It usually rains (sometimes just drizzles) in the afternoon and we're actually about to experience the crazy rainy season in a few weeks. I'm taking advantage of the sunny days before I go burrito-mode all over again~

Let me know what you think about this video! I got more pending vlogs to edit, and I'll post them as soon as I'm done. YouTube is still giving me a tough time uploading videos :'(. Or it could be my poor Internet connection, haha!

Enjoy watching!

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