Mar 11, 2016

Street Love (Part 1)

I know this is an overdue Valentine's day post but I still wanna share with you guys this personal project I've been working on since 2015. 

One night, when I was still working in Makati, I saw a couple walking on the street, holding hands and they were just about 5 or 6 feet ahead of me. I dunno what's gotten into me but I just whipped my cellphone out and took a photo of them. It was crappy; I can never take good photos using my phone at night. But I was happy about the idea (of stalking). So, when I got home that night, I drafted this post in my head. I have no idea where I can find my next subjects, all I know is I want to call it 'Street Love'.

I know that it's going to be embarrassing. I'm not a professional photographer, so, I have no idea what I'm going to tell these couples if they ever see me stalking the shit out of them. Anyway, I'm prepared to run as fast as I could in case I get busted~ haha!

Street Love...

I have no idea where I got that. Maybe I'm just really fascinated by the fact that it is possible to show some love in public simply by holding your lover's hand or simply standing or sitting really close to them. You know? Nothing gross or cheesy. Haha! You are proudly showing to the world you are together, but you are not really making others feel uncomfortable, like say, when you're snogging in public.

So, here are some photos I took from 2015-2016. I was originally planning on posting this on Valentine's Day, but, shit happens.

I am planning on doing more of this. Hopefully I could take better shots next time!

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