Feb 2, 2016

It's February!

Hey! It's my birth month! Haha~ For a change, I thought of sharing with you guys my first personal vlog on this site. 

I've been uploading videos on my Youtube channel for years now but mostly about music and my (pathetic) song covers. I also try to write my own songs and I think I'll be sharing them with you very soon! here on Pink Pensieve! How's that?!

Well, for a start, here's my Saturday Vlog in my new found haven~ Baguio City! I've been living here for 7 months now! Yay!




  1. Looking for more updates from you! Missed being here :)

    xx jhanzey.net

    1. hey there Jhanz! thanks for checking out this post! haha! I will try to post more vlogs soon! :)

  2. You're a special person...may today and all of your days be amazing..never stop dreaming:) HAPPY BIRTHDAY CYNDREL!!!


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