Nov 15, 2015

What's in My Satchel Bag?!

Aside from my traveling backpack, would you believe I've only been using three bags now? This is probably something that my former roommates wouldn't believe.

When I was living and working in Manila, I almost always change my bag everyday. It has been my routine to match my bags with my outfit. So, when I get home from work, I would move my stuff to the bag that I'll be using for the next day. I would use a bigger one if I want to bring packed lunch or some snacks with me.

These days, I've only been using the knitted bag that I got from a flea market on my first visit in this town, my pink backpack and this brown satchel bag. It's a bit small, so, I can only bring the basics with me when I feel like using this. 

1. Wallet - I love this pink salmon colored wallet that I got from a small store in Tieling City. I've only been using this for more than a year, the old wallet that I had before I got this one lasted for 6 years! Let's see how long this could stick with me!

2. Keys - I rarely get locked out of the apartment. I always make sure I have my house keys with me. having a guitar key chain makes it easier for me to hold on to them! Ever since I've learned how to play guitar, I've been obsessed with guitar key chains!

3. Lipstick + lip balm or lip gloss - Seriously, these are my only makeup these days. I simply can't leave the house without using lip gloss and lipstick.

4. Mobile phone - I don't usually use Internet outside (unless there's a free Wifi! hihi). I do all my stuff at home - uploading photos, updating blog or Facebook and chatting with friends. I can't leave my phone because I ALWAYS listen to music. I use the Media Player from my phone because I can't remember where I left my MP3 player since I move around too much.

5. Oil Control Paper - Haha! My skin is either extremely oily or super dry, I can't understand it, but just in case my face gets in the mood to produce too much oil, I can somehow get it under control with this magical blue paper!

6. Notepad - I got this cute little notepad at National Bookstore. I have another one that says "I Love France". I have yet to buy the one that says "I Love New York". Those are my dream destinations! I have a feeling that if I often see something that reminds me of these places, there would be a greater chance for me to get there in the near future!

7. Pen - Yes, it has to be PINK and preferably thin since I have very small hands and if the grip isn't right, it ruins my penmanship. That's the only excuse I can come up with! Haha! I do have other colored pens too, like purple or silver, but they HAVE TO be scented OR glittery. Yes, I'm crazy like that.

8. Calling/Personal/Business cards - To make this 'blogger' thing really work, I have been working on my elevator pitch and I thought it would be much more convincing if I hand out calling cards in the middle of my narcissistic elevator pitch. I got this awesome Audrey Hepburn tin case from a friend; it was a birthday gift and the moment I saw it, I already knew what to do with it!

9. Hair tie - It's really hard to maintain curly/wavy hair. Sometimes, in the middle of the day, your hair would just get all fluffy and frizzy. It could sometimes be because of the humidity, sometimes you just didn't put on enough hair cream, wax or conditioner. Take it from a girl with a stubborn hair! So, in case of emergency, having a hair tie or two would be a good damage control! Even if I get out of the house with my hair down, I would often go home with my hair in a bun, braid or side-pony tail because my hair could sometimes be evil as shit!

What happened to my other bags???

Well, some of them are still at my sister's house in Makati, a few of them at my parents' house (in another city), I gave some of them away and I left a few bags in China too! Since I'm really challenging myself to live a simpler life now, I try not to get too attached to material things. Nowadays, I try to just stick with the basics and be fine with less stuff without looking like a homeless person. 

What are the things that you ALWAYS carry with you? Feel free to share them on the comments section below! I would love to hear from you!


  1. How about stuff from ur other bags? Lol! :D

    1. I will post something about them very soon! haha :)

  2. Hi friend,i really love the stuffs inside ur satchel.
    Well, maybe because mine is a bit of what you called a "clean messy" hahahha. I always left home with a clean and organized bag, and frequently comes back home with this "i-don't-know-who-ransacked-this-bag thingy.
    Dey, i also love the design of your notepad. PARIS is one of my dream place to go to. #PrayForParis
    Btw,go buy that other notepad, and beep me if they also have " I LOVE SEOUL". See yah. KC hir.

    1. Thanks KC! haha, I'll buy you that I LOVE SEOUL if I ever see one! Miss yah!


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