Oct 24, 2015

Holiland: A Sweet Escape!

The whole time I was living and working in China, there's this bakery that I usually go to when I need something sweet or if I need a hot cup of coffee or nai cha.

It's called Holiland. Apparently, it's one of the largest bakery chains in China.

The story behind this store is quite interesting. Mr. Luo Hong, the CEO of Holiland, once had a problem about getting a cake for his mom's birthday way back when he was 23 years old. To make sure it won't happen again, he founded a bakery that has now become a household name in China.

My colleagues took me to this place on my second day in China. Since then, until I went back home, I've been a regular customer.

The thing about this place is that even if you're not planning on buying anything, you would end up having a box of tiny cake or two! They also make different kinds of breads, pastries and of course their famous moon cake that is an absolute must especially on Mid-Autumn festival.

Cyndrel's choice! haha!
My personal favorite is the one with peach and blueberry and cream sometimes at the base, sometimes on top. I never learned how to say it in Chinese, but once I step in the store, they know that 99% of the time, I would buy that. 

I also love their Japanese cheesecake that comes in an oval shape or round one.

my half-eaten Japanese cheesecake, I added some fresh blueberries on top!
when I am torn between two different cakes, I just buy them both!
They also have doughnuts, pizza bread, drop cookies and tarts. Here in our country, I only know one place that is famous for its egg tarts - Lord Stowe's. However, egg tarts are actually common almost everywhere around Tieling, they even have tarts at KFC. Even our IT personnel can make homemade egg tarts!

Tiramisu in a cup!
a slice of blueberry cake after lunch!

Holiland is a 5-minute walk from where we are staying, so, when I need to clear my head and take a break from my annoying paperwork, I just walk (or ride a bicycle) to this place and voila! I'm in a good mood again!

It's a bit hard to communicate especially if there are new crews, but there would always be at least one of them who can speak English. Plus, I always feel like a celebrity every time I go to this place because almost everyone (the crew and the other customers) would stop whatever they are doing just to listen to what I'm saying or to see what I'm buying. Yes, even their pastry chef! It's crazy and funny but I got used to it.

Sometimes, I would understand what they are saying..."That girl from the Philippines is here again!" but I would pretend like I did not understand them. I always shock the shit out of them when I speak even a little Chinese. I can say "Do you have a bigger/smaller plastic bag?", "I would like to have this to go." or "I'd like a cup of hot milk tea/coffee, please."

They sell cold drinks and shakes during Summer, and hot beverages during Winter. I really miss this place because everyone is so polite and warm and they would really assist you the moment you step inside until you leave the place.

They have about two or three branches in Tieling city and I have been to one of their stores in Shenyang as well. They do have branches around Beijing but I never had a chance to visit one.

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