Jul 24, 2015

Cyndrel Loves to Cook (Vol. 1)

I'm not sure if I have stressed this enough but I really DO love food and cooking is one of the things I really take seriously (when I'm in the mood). I have been trying to maintain a "healthy lifestyle" ever since I started gaining weight like a new born baby. I have been battling with weight gain for about 6 years now. Maybe part of the reason I haven't been getting good result is that I do not combine a good workout routine with my chronic dieting. Haha~ 

So, I've been trying to come up with healthier options when it comes to food. I'm not always successful but I'm proud of myself when I am able to eat something that is less trashy. I'm NOT a pro but I've always been a chef-wannabe. So, I want to share with you guys some of my very own simple and healthy recipes. Some of which are kinda weird, just like me, but I think there's no harm in trying? Yeah? Yeah! So...

1. East meets West pasta (Yup, I made this up! haha)

 Chinese noodles 
cherry tomatoes (or any kind of tomato)
6 cloves garlic
red or white onion
green bell peppers 
canned tuna (in brine or vegetable oil)
cooking oil/margarine/butter
salt & pepper 
fresh basil leaves/parsley (optional)

How to cook:
a) Cook Chinese noodles according to instructions from its packaging. Set aside.
b) In a frying pan with oil or butter, saute' garlic, onion and bell pepper. Add the canned tuna, then, add tomatoes and cook until the tomatoes start to make a paste. Remove from heat.
c) Pour the sauce over the cooked Chinese noodles. Garnish with fresh basil leaves or parsley.

Dig in!!!
2. Tuna, tomato & garlic pasta


Fettucine /Capellini/ Spaghetti (200-250 grams)
8-10 regular sized tomatoes (seeded and sliced or cubed)
1 whole garlic bulb (minced or grounded)
Olive oil 
fresh basil leaves (chopped)
salt & pepper 
grated cheese or Parmesan cheese

How to cook:
a) Cook pasta according to the packaging instructions. Capellini (or Angel hair) only takes 2-3 minutes so make sure not to overcook it. Drain the pasta and set aside.
b) In a frying pan, saute' garlic and tomatoes in butter or margarine. Then, add the entire can of tuna. Add salt and pepper to taste.
c) Add the cooked pasta to the sauce and stir. Remove the pasta from heat and add about 1/2 cup olive oil. (You can add more if you want!)
d) Top it off with chopped basil leaves and cheese. Makes 2-3 servings.

3) Modified Spanish omelette (haha!)

1 medium potato (peeled and diced)
2 eggs (beaten)
1-2 small tomatoes
red bell pepper 
basil leaves (chopped)
3-4 tbsp. cooking oil

How to cook:
a) Heat the pan and add cooking oil. Fry the potatoes until they are soft enough to be eaten. Set aside. (If you have a big flat pan, just shove the potatoes to one side, no need to take them out of the pan.)
b) In the same frying pan, saute' tomatoes and bell pepper. Then, stir in the potatoes and let it simmer for about a minute or two.
c) Pour the beaten egg and cook on a moderate heat. Add the basil leaves.
d) Flip the omelette to cook the other side too. Serve it with toast or fried rice or eat it on its own!

I call the last one 'Modified Spanish Omelette' because that's not exactly the way to cook a real Spanish omelette. The real Spanish omelette does not include tomatoes and it is cooked in a very patient way. I grew up having my grandma's Spanish omelette as a school day breakfast (or dinner or lunch, I freaking love potatoes!). She uses a lot of potatoes cut into thick slices and she uses about 4-6 eggs. There's a magical way to flip the damn omelette; I usually screw up in this part! Haha! You have to use a plate to turn the omelette over because there's no way you can flip a very thick omelette with a turner.

I will be posting more of my kitchen adventures SOON! 


  1. so mouthwatering!


    1. thanks Fitria! feel free to try them out too!


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