Jun 11, 2015

Why Am I Blogging?

Let's cut to the chase, no long introductions...

#1 I want to be heard. I'm getting tired of telling stories (to my 3 dimensional friends) over and over and feel like nobody's even listening. I mean, how many times do I have to say I DON'T WANT KETCHUP ON MY FOOD?! I'm getting sick of being asked the same question a thousand times as well. I hate it when people misinterpret what I'm doing and what's happening to me, my mind and my body. I write personal blog posts to clear up the misinterpretations of my shenanigans.

#2 I have (enough) time. I am single and somehow proud of it. I am not a princess; I do household chores like a normal person. I cook, I do the dishes, I (obsessively) organize my stuff, I clean the floor, I scrub the toilet, I drop off my clothes to the laundry shop and pick them up, I go grocery shopping, I get my own cup of coffee and I personally queue to pay some bills every month. I don't let people do stuff for me unless they volunteer to do so. On top of that, I still find that shining moment to blog about my random thoughts and epic shits that I've been through.

#3 I have a million thoughts. And I can't find one person who can take everything in, so, I have to put it somewhere. I think a shrink would give up on me if he/she would try to even hear about what's going on inside my head. No matter how organized I am, I sometimes run out of categories and labels where I can put one ridiculous thought.

#4 I'm an introvert. No, I'm not shy. I just prefer to curl up in bed with my laptop on Friday nights when most people are out there drinking and partying like there's no tomorrow. I also prefer comfortable silences with people who mind their own businesses (e.g people in coffee shops, libraries, museums, temples). I don't hate people, I'm just very selective with whom I would talk to. If you are a blogger, you will definitely find like-minded people and you can talk without using your mouth. Reading their blog is a great way to learn about them and their passion without too much suffocation.

#5 I feel motivated and productive every time I am blogging. Seriously! Imagine dragging yourself out of bed to take a shower and eat and then rush off to work/school/other stuff you need to attend to on a Monday morning. BLOGGING IS NOTHING LIKE THAT. I can write (or at least make a draft in my head) whenever I want. I'm usually up at 2 AM anyway, so, might as well do something out of it! And that awesome feeling of hitting Publish?...nothing beats that! (Ooops! I think I'm wrong, maybe Reads or Views or Followers might be better?)

#6 It is good for my self-esteem. It's nice to recall all the good and bad things that happen to you and realize that even after all those lousy and crappy moments, you're still right there, standing tall and strong.

#7 I can be myself. I can fully express my opinion about things. People can judge me all they want and I won't have to give a crap. They can hate me to the moon and back but I will say what I want to say. I don't have to sugar coat everything just to please people who don't even know a thing about me. 

#8 I love sharing and I like inspiring others. I feel lucky, entertained, motivated and inspired whenever I read about someone who has done awesome things that at first seemed impossible. It restores my faith in humanity. It makes me believe in the impossible. They are a living proof that 'whatever your mind can conceive, your body can really achieve'. I want to do the same thing for others; I want them to have the same good feelings that I feel when people share their stories. I want them to feel that they are not alone in their struggles and there is a way to get out of whatever hellhole they are in. I want to remind them that the simple and mundane things in life are usually the most memorable ones.

What about you? What are your reasons for blogging? 


  1. Blogging is not my thing.. I literally do stuffs at once, whats on my mind.. But hearing a thing from someone like you, makes people learn and inspire.. So just keep blogging :)

    1. thank you so much!!! it's always good to know that your words/thoughts inspire others, whoever they are and wherever they may be~ I sure will! :)

  2. I assume you liked the post?...hehe..thanks! :D


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