Apr 7, 2015

What's up, Laoag? (Ilocos Part 2!)

Well…the adventure continues as we headed up North a bit more. After getting on a bus for about 3 hours or so, we finally reached Ilocos Norte!

It was the 20th of February - two days before my 27th birthday. Hungry from the trip, we headed to the nearest Mang Inasal outlet. I haven't enjoyed eating Chicken Inasal the way I did while I was at Laoag. I can't explain it!

It was already late afternoon, so, after our late lunch we went on our way to our 'hotel'. Honestly, this part was a bit creepy, but still fun! It was already dark when we finally stood right outside the gate of our 'hotel'. We can't seem to trace any sign of life or light from the inside. We were already assuming there's no one inside. And then, the cliche idea of a hunched-back caretaker with candles on his hand opening the gate for us popped up in our heads. We just laughed it off but it was really creepy! Talking with the owners of the place was creepier though. First of all, we were the only guests that night. I dunno about the others but I kinda felt like we were going to somehow end up as ceremonial offerings after walking through the gates.

But then I snapped back to reality and logged in on their guest book, dropped our bags in our room, freshened up a bit then headed out for dinner. The entire place was so dark and quiet - so different from Makati where people look alive even at 2 AM. We found an open cafeteria near a gas station. We had a small talk with the people running the cafeteria - they turned out to be very friendly. They gave us ideas on where to go and how to explore the place. We didn't stay up too late, we planned on watching the sunrise and the famous windmills the next day. So, at about half past five the next morning, we were almost ready to take stroll.

The introvert
The lovers 
The photographer
The mastermind
The pack!

After walking by the shore, we headed back to the same cafeteria where we had dinner the night before.

Yeah, I came all the way to Ilocos Norte to have bacon & egg!
While we were chatting with the friendly people from the cafeteria, they offered to hire a tricycle driver for us to check out some of the famous 'falls' near the area. Without much thinking, we grabbed the offer and eventually found ourselves squeezing in one tricycle with a very questionable roof.

Pick up truck and a dirt road~ yeah! 

The man who took us there said this is actually a part of the Cordillera ranges.

What you're seeing here fellas is a dehydrated falls~

And the unplanned hiking began!!! Well, I've always wanted to try hiking and right here, I've got a pretty good glimpse of what it's like to hike! Thank goodness we were the only ones there so aside from the pack (and probably the tricycle driver), nobody heard my neurotic screams. In my defense, I wasn't really ready for the HIKE! And...flip flops are not the best footwear for this...and...I really think I should grow some balls first before trying this thing again!

I can't go any further, so, I'm just going to sit right here~
Asking myself what the hell was I thinking hiking in this rig?!

...to be continued!

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