Jan 17, 2015

To Run Or Not to Run?

Those were the two crazy questions that kept creeping in my mind one Friday night (January 9th) Nope, scratch that! Actually that was already Saturday morning (January 10th) .
So, I'm back in the job that I love, YAY! But this time, I'm only doing a part-time evening shift, and that's only about 6 hours of work in a day, YAHOO! And of course, I'm back to spending Friday nights eating out with my friends at work which I really missed while I was in China. And that means going home at midnight and getting only few hours of sleep before a Saturday morning run. Was going home late worth it? YES! So, I have to deal with the few hours of sleep then! But then, there were these creepy voices in my head arguing about whether or not I should run. Here's how it sounded like in my head:

Pathetic Loser: I have to get up early no matter what!

Evil shit: Nah, just stay in bed until you've rested enough. Why would you run after working for an entire week?

Pathetic Loser: But I have to! I want to change my life! It's now or never!

Evil shit: Who says NEVER? You can do it some other time, just not today! Don't you feel comfortable just like that? Curled up in bed? Isn't that what you want?

Pathetic Loser: Yeah, this is comfortable...but NO!!!! I ate a lot of junk food and I have to lose all the calories inside this tiny body, otherwise I'll look exactly like a ball!

Evil shit: Nah, you look fine! Who says you look like a ball?

Pathetic Loser: People?

Evil shit: What 'people'?

Pathetic Loser: People...who can see?

Evil shit: Since when did you start caring about 'people'? Really?

Pathetic Loser: Say whatever you wanna say, I'm RUNNING tomorrow! Good night!

Evil shit: Oh yeah? Do you know what time it is now? It's 2 AM!

Pathetic Loser: So? I can run even with just an hour of sleep! Shut up!

Evil shit: Really? Hmmmm...you're really strong aren't you?

Pathetic Loser: Thank you~

Evil shit: Hey, you've got FB notifications...

Pathetic Loser: Really?....*checks phone for more than one hour*

Evil shit: Oh...damn...are you sure you can still run later?

Pathetic Loser: Yeah! Watch me~

*Wakes up feeling like crap*

Pathetic Loser: Can I run?

Evil shit: You don't have to...

Pathetic Loser: *turns on workout play list, then, jumps out of bed*

Evil shit: No no no no no no~

Pathetic Loser: *brisk walk to the park - warms up and starts to jog*

Evil shit: This is not happening...this is NOT HAPPENING!

*friction in the hip bones*

Pathetic Loser: What the???...*slows down*

Evil shit: Ooooohh....What was that???

Pathetic Loser: *tries to jog again*

Evil shit: Are you okay???

Pathetic Loser: I'm fine! *feels pain again* Aaaarrggghhh!

Evil shit: Okay, just try to walk it off first - walk it off!

Pathetic Loser: I came here to jog not to walk!

Evil shit: Fine! Jog! RUN!

Pathetic Loser: I can't...shoot...I can't run! Why can't I run???

And after an hour of walking around Ayala Triangle on what was supposed to be my 'first run' after the fun run...I went home with a heavy heart. I can't accept the fact that I got up early just so I can prove to myself that I am capable of change...but all I got was a probably dislocated hip bone which I probably got from wearing those stupid heels on a Friday night or I could have done a wrong warm up exercise. Maybe all of the above? Urgh!

Evil shit: You could have just stayed in bed, you know?


  1. Go run!!! It's healthy and fun! Hehe! :)


    1. Hi there Jhanz! thanks for reading this post...haha~ It IS fun! and I really wanna be healthy...I'm about to run my second fun run this Sunday Feb. 15th~ *cross fingers and toes* Do you enjoy running too? :)

  2. Replies
    1. Hello there Joy! that is SO true! I love getting that thing they call runners' high! haha~


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