Jan 17, 2015

To run or not to run?

 Those were the two crazy questions that kept creeping in my mind one Friday night (January 9th)....well actually that was already Saturday morning (January 10th) . So, I'm back in the job that I love, YAY! But this time I'm only doing a part-time PM shift, and that's only about 6 hours of work in a day, YAHOO! And of course, I'm back to spending Friday nights eating out with my friends at work which I really missed while I was in China. And that means going home at midnight and getting only few hours of sleep for a Saturday morning run. Was going home late worth it? YES! So, I have to deal with the few hours of sleep then! But then there were these creepy voices in my head arguing about whether or not I should run. Here's how it sounded like in my head:

New year, new paradigm!

I'm finally back in my country! YAHOO! It took me a long time to find my way out of China, but I did! And actually I still can't believe it! Looking back at everything I've been through...it was just like a dream. A dream that I'm so glad I woke up from. I think of it as a glimpse of something I wouldn't want to be. Haha! I know most people who have worked abroad would feel the exact opposite.