Mar 31, 2014

I Want to Meet Someone As CRAZY As ME!

Well, these are the exact words that I have extracted from my noisy mind one time I was brushing my teeth in front of a bathroom mirror. Truth is, I am already friends with a lot of crazy people. Crazy in a good kind of way though. Yes, at times we act like total retards when we’ve been awake for more than 24 hours or when we get drunk. But our craziness is technically harmless. We don’t involve the police or other higher authorities in whatever we do. We’re just trying to live the best way we know how – that’s it!
Okay, enough with the definition of ‘crazy’. So, I’m officially in my mid-twenties as I type this, and I think I’m not just doing myself a favor when I finally come to a point where I can actually answer the million dollar question “What do you want for a life partner ” (Rephrased version: What are you looking for in a life partner?)

Yes! That one CRAZY question people are dying to know about, like you can literally feel the spotlight hitting you every time this question comes up. It’s not like they can give you your EXACT ORDER right there and then when you give them an exact answer. I always get the classic “OH YOU HAVE TO LOWER YOUR STANDARDS IF YOU WANT TO HAVE SOMEONE IN YOUR LIFE or YOU WILL CROSS OUT A LOT FROM YOUR LIST AS YOU GROW OLDER” and all that crap. Blah blah blah~~~

They laugh at the fact that I want someone who speaks at least 3 languages, someone who can play at least 2 musical instruments and someone who doesn't have rich parents. I HAVE REASONS for putting up that list people! I actually made those negotiable and non-negotiable list way back when I was 17, and I found it again during my early twenties while sorting out my college stuff.

But now, though I’m thousands of miles away from my list, I’m imagining it right here in front of me. I want to virtually tear it to write up a new one: I WANT TO MEET SOMEONE AS CRAZY AS ME!

People who actually met me would easily get what I mean with this. So, there’d be no more explanations whatsoever and I won’t have to hear the classic follow up statement to the million dollar question. Right? Right!

But for those who don’t know me that much, well, here’s a glimpse of me. I don’t want someone crazier than me, or less crazy. I just want the right amount of crazy. I’m a very daring person. When I say I’d do something, I would really do it. If I say I’ll drop your book, I will drop it. If you ask me to break something you should mean it, because I will really break it.

I was having a peaceful walk sometime in college when this dumb ass car honked out loud and scared the crap out of me. I can’t remember where I got that toy gun bullet with the suction cup at the end, but I was playing with it during my leisure walk and the next thing I knew I was sticking it on the white shiny car that honked at me. Every now and then I get bullied. Sometimes, even by my own friends – which is fine because I know they’re really just doing it for FUN. But that does not mean I would exempt them from my sweet little revenge. I literally trash my friends’ bags or hide their stuff for days or tie up their bags on their chairs when they offend me in any way. I trip my guy friends at times and yell out ‘sorry’ with a huge smile.

See? I find it hard to play fair when everyone is using their edge against me. It seems like everyone else is taller, bigger and stronger than me. The only thing I can do is to outsmart them.

I have this occasional rage (especially way back when I was a teenager) and I’d always find ways to let it out through these crazy things. There was a time I talked to a theater actor DURING A PLAY as if I’m part of the play. The audience within the 3 feet radius all dramatically turned to look at me and the best I can come up with during that time was “Sorry, I just got carried away!”

I still smile whenever I remember my carefree moments when I was younger. Actually, if I really think about it, I can still be like that. And I want to be like that. And most importantly, if ever this world would force me to be with someone, I would want to be with someone who can tolerate and be at the same the level of the craziness that I have. I want to meet someone who would jump when I jump, not buts no ifs. I want someone who would write crazy stuff and do wacky poses at the Stonehenge with me. Maybe we can make a paper boat and let it float in the Pacific Ocean, or maybe we can take a picture of us while kissing in front of the Eiffel Tower and use it as a cover photo for all of our social sites. Know what I’m saying? Yeah, okay. Let me clear that up…

I want someone who would eat cereals at midnight with me (while I’m listening to Taylor Swift).

Someone who would never get tired of taking my pictures.

Someone who would watch a couple of episodes of my favorite anime show at 3 AM.

Someone I can rap with.

I want someone who would understand that he will never be able to totally figure me out because I grow and evolve every year. The day he would totally figure me out might be the day I would die.

I want someone who complements me; we don’t really have to be a perfect match in every way.

I want someone who looks at the same direction while we walk side by side.

...someone I can hold on to with my left hand while I sip on a bad cup of coffee on my right.

Someone who doesn't need explanations about the humor behind my jokes.

Someone I can have comfortable silences with.

I’ve always loved doing things alone every now and then – eating, shopping or simply walking. Lone walks are crucial to me, so, I want someone who would make me not want to be alone.

I want someone who would get along real well with my friends because I will never ditch my friends just so I can have a life partner. He has to respect my relationship with my friends.

I want someone who would never ask me to choose between him and my biggest dreams.

I want to meet someone who wouldn't mind if I wear my favorite cap or do an Indian sit on the couch when I eat in restaurants.

I want someone who is willing to share an earphone with me. I hope he understands that my playlists are as crazy as me~ I go from K-pop to country music in split seconds.

I want someone who would understand my obsession with Century tuna.

I want someone who would automatically flick to my favorite TV channel the moment he realizes I’m awake or I’m about to walk in the living room.

I want someone who would eat gyudon and gyoza with me at weird times of the day.

I want to meet someone who can stand my father’s sarcastic comments about everything.

I want to meet someone who will never tell me to CHANGE my clothes because he thinks it’s inappropriate.

I want to meet someone who does his job with all his heart, whatever it is, but would still find time to be with his loved ones.

Yeah...that's pretty much it~

Now, where can I find him? 

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