Jan 28, 2014

What Do We Really Need?

Let’s get down to the main point without TOO much intro (like I normally do). So, we live our daily lives the way we know how. We can’t really tell someone they’re living the WRONG way if for them that’s the RIGHT way. We have different priorities and everyone has a different level of contentment and happiness. But for me, there are some things that human beings really need. You might agree with me on some and not with the others. Like I said, we all have different levels of contentment.

LOVE – Yes! Cliché as it may sound; this could be the very basic thing that we should have. It comes in many forms, but basically LOVE – that kind of thing that you give freely and receive unexpectedly…like magic. It sums up everything actually. 

FRIENDS – The people you sit around talking about just ANYTHING. Some people say “friends are the family members that we choose for ourselves”, and I couldn’t agree more. These are the people you meet all throughout your life, the ones you choose out of the billions in this planet. Basically your paths cross, you think they’re cool, so do they, BAM! Friendship! 

Comfortable bed, pillows and beddings – I dunno about you guys but ever since I was little these things are really important for me. I mean, you always go back to bed after dealing with everything for the entire day, right? It’s like your CHARGING AREA. (Unless you’re one of the Cullens and you really don’t use your bed for sleeping) These things don’t have to be expensive, just find something comfortable enough to charge your batteries so you can face the next day without stiff neck or whatever. 

Shoes that don’t hurt your little toes – I’m just done looking ‘fabulous’ to the point that I would sacrifice my little toes just so people would think or say “Hey, nice shoes!” I freaking hate the dark thick thingy that they leave on my poor little toe nails. 

Good food – Whether it’s meat or veggies, it’s up to you how you define GOOD food. It’s something that does little or no harm to your body. Garlic maybe bad for someone who has high blood pressure, but it might be good for those who have low blood pressure. Food varies; you just gotta have to take time to figure out which kinds of food would be best for your body. 

Goals – Yeah, it is fun just running around not knowing where to go and not knowing how to get there. Be like the wind, yeah, been there! But there would come a time when you would be tired of running around. When we were kids, we love to run around the yard or field and really inhale freedom. But even back then, we know that no matter how much fun it is to be with our friends outside the house, we know that at dusk we have to go back to our own houses, wash up, have dinner and get ready to sleep. It’s the same thing here. Goals are the things we would always head to after doing the tasks for the day. 

Role model – Yes! I do believe everyone should have a role model, but not to the extent that we look at this person as our god. We just need someone to look up to and say “I wanna be like that”. Maybe it’s because of the person’s talents, way of thinking, accomplishments or combination of these. This role model could help you shape your future and help you bring out your hidden talents. This could be a person you always see but haven’t actually met, or a person you have been living with all your life. 

Hobbies – We all know what this means, right? But anyway I still want to say what I think about hobbies. These are the COOL things that you do during leisure time IF you don’t like your job very much. You play sports, you paint, you teach, maybe you cook or bake, go fishing, take pictures, maybe you write poems or essays, maybe you dance or sing – it could be anything outside your ‘working world’. People do this stuff to get a break from their daily routine. BUT these exact same things aren’t called ‘hobbies’ by those who actually do them for a living. A hardworking fisherman might not realize how relaxing ‘fishing on the lake’ is for a computer engineer or IT personnel. A fisherman wouldn’t say it’s just a hobby because that is his source of income and his family’s future depends on how much he can catch. He has to work hard and be at his best all the time. A person who works with computers all day everyday, on the other hand, might fantasize about spending his days sitting and fishing by the river bank. It’s so ironic how the same thing could have totally different meaning. In the end, hobbies are the things we don’t take seriously. These are the things we choose for ourselves, the things we voluntarily invest our time with. Those are the things where we normally excel because we do it with our hearts, and we don’t believe that we would fail at them. We want to do them with or without audience. These are things we do naturally. Yes, they can be learned and shared, but unlike important tasks, you can easily get the hang of this stuff in a short time. 

Music Genre – I have gone from Disney songs to teeny bopper to hip-hop to K-pop and J-pop to pop rock to rap to country pop songs. My music genre could tell so much about my history. They grow with me, I guess. But there’s one genre that could totally define us. Check out the kind of songs you mostly listen to all through out your life – that’s what you are! Are you a lil bit country? Or a lil bit rock n’ roll? 

Mentor/s – Yeah! That one bad ass person or that gang who taught you how to be YOU. They could be your family, relatives, friends, colleagues, teachers or anyone who has enlightened you in some way and shared some awesome wisdom that led you to revealing the real you. They don’t always have to be wrinkly old. 

Vacation – It could be a 2-day or 2 month vacation, the length totally depends on you my friend! If you only need few days, then take a few days off. But if you need to be away from anything for quite some time (maybe away from work, from school, from family or from parenthood or from people in general), just plan it. No, you don’t need a party planner for this; this is something YOU can do by yourself. Maybe with a little help from the people you trust. No need to broadcast it on social sites, just do it. Get away from whatever is suffocating you – that’s it! Chill and come back with a vibrant aura. 

Well, so far these are the things that I find essential in a human’s life. Yes, during the Flintstones times they didn’t need shoes or beddings, but come on, I’m from the 21st century and in this century they are "necessities". I didn’t get to hang around with dinosaurs and I have to be fine with that. So, fair and square? 

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