Feb 16, 2013

That day I lost my phone T.T

So, it was a typical Saturday morning. I usually work out on Saturdays. I was looking forward to it the whole week because it is my only chance to get off my butt and burn the extra calories that I gained from the entire week. Everything went out fine. I ran two laps with my roommate (Hi Ate Des! Thanks for being with me in this wtf*cking day), played badminton for about an hour I guess...took some pictures...went to Salcedo community market just to buy the vegan sandwich I've been craving for for so long and then went back to the bus stop, ready to go back home and have some breakfast at Jollibee near our dorm. We waited for the third bus (I guess?) before we decided to hop in. And theeeeeen...
Here's what I can remember:

My roommate was walking ahead of me as we were about to get on the bus. I got my plugs on, like always, 'cause I love jogging with music. I have them on my ears...there was STILL music when I hopped in! Then, I squeezed my way in but suddenly the music stopped and then my plugs fell off. I was still near the driver's seat but I had to walk in the aisle going to the backseats (which is our favorite spot by the way), so, I just coiled my ear plugs and I murmured 'Woooops my ear plugs fell outta my ears!' 

Then, after sitting on the vacant seats, I tried to connect the wire to my phone again but it wasn't there in my bag anymore!!!My brain yelled out WHERE THE F*CK is my phone??!!

The bus started to move and there were other people in the aisle when I looked back. My roommate and I started to panic and...and then...the next thing I knew...we were squeezing our way back in the aisle hoping we could get off and see if I dropped my phone at the bus stop, but that was impossible because I swear there was still music when I hopped in...but in that split second that I did...the music went off!!!

And then...the bus conductor won't let us off because it was only a LOADING station. So, there we are, standing near the driver. I was still searching for the phone in my bag...but my bag is too small...I don't put my phone anywhere except on that front pocket. It should have been there! I searched the floor too...to see if I dropped it somewhere...but it's not there either.

They let us off at the next unloading station, and as soon as the bus stopped, I ran fast back to the place where we came from thinking I must have dropped it there...maybe...

I ran reaaaaally fast...down the stairs leading to the underpass, then up in the stairs again. But when I got to the spot where we came from...NADA!

I felt SO stupid because I could have asked my roommate to dial my number immediately after I realized it was missing. If the person who took it was INSIDE the bus, we could have heard my phone ringing because it wasn't on silent mode. But we only thought about dialing my number AFTER we got off the bus. See? This is what happens when you're NOT thinking. Urgh!

I swear it didn't take 5 seconds for that bastard (or whoever it was) to take it from my bag. Everything happened SO fast! I dunno if he/she was behind me...if he/she just walked passed me...or was it one of those who were already sitting??? I honestly don't know!

I've only been using it for three months, but I've been so dependent on it. It takes most of my time but I like it though it gives me mini-headaches from too much radiation. I know it can be replaced but at that moment...all I can think about was that...I paid for that phone, man!!! Yeah, it wasn't THAT expensive but I've done cool things using it. That's how I communicate to people...FB, KakaoTalk, Gtalk, Instagram...you name it...

I also bought that phone so that I can record my original songs in better quality. I love the voice recorder of my phone!!! And the pictures...the contacts...uuurggghhhh! They were all gone in 5 seconds...

I know I'm still LUCKY because I wasn't hurt or anything and it wasn't taken by force from me. But this was the first time I lost a phone. I felt so weak after the incident...and when we got back to our dorm, I had to narrate the story over and over to my other roommates and housemates just to get a tiny bit of sympathy (Hey you guys! Thanks for making me laugh while I'm having tantrums!)

I know I should move on already. It's not like somebody died or something...but...it's just...it feels like a huge part of me is missing now. My phone is the first and the last thing that I hold on to. I was so dependent on it, though I know it's wrong. Maybe this is a lesson...that I shouldn't get too attached to material things because they can be gone in seconds...literally!

I have learned my lesson now...

I wanna thank my family and friends who texted me and sent on line messages saying everything will be okay and that I shouldn't feel bad anymore.

And of course, to my roommates who each shared their sympathy stories about losing money or phone too. Your stories really made me feel like this incident was just a minor one. I'm so sorry for being dramatic and neurotic this day...but I just really need to let this sh*t out...so...enjoy a day full of tantrums!!!


I also got a new sim card...because my birthday's coming up and I'm afraid people won't be able to greet me...hahaha! So, I got a new number...using my old phone (Adrian). I've only used Sammy (the phone that got away) for three months and I've had Adrian for 3 years now. WOW!!! Adrian will save my social life...I guess.

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