Feb 22, 2013

What I've learned in 25 years

Hey you guys! I'm 25 now...yiiiikes! hahaha...I dunno how I got where I am right now...It's like I just woke up today and BAM! I turned 25!!! Yup, 25 years ago I came to this world without a sound. Hahaha...that's what my family told me. I wasn't crying when I came out...and they thought I was MUTE!

Feb 16, 2013

That day I lost my phone T.T

So, it was a typical Saturday morning. I usually work out on Saturdays. I was looking forward to it the whole week because it is my only chance to get off my butt and burn the extra calories that I gained from the entire week. Everything went out fine. I ran two laps with my roommate (Hi Ate Des! Thanks for being with me in this wtf*cking day), played badminton for about an hour I guess...took some pictures...went to Salcedo community market just to buy the vegan sandwich I've been craving for for so long and then went back to the bus stop, ready to go back home and have some breakfast at Jollibee near our dorm. We waited for the third bus (I guess?) before we decided to hop in. And theeeeeen...

Feb 8, 2013

Top 10 obsessions

So, people have different obsessions, big deal! Yeah, I'm crazy about things that won't really matter to other human beings. But just so you know, these things keep me sane...at least for now. So, I'd like to share with you my TOP 10 current obsessions.