Jan 2, 2013

Cool things I wanna do!

Yeah, I do have a LOT of lists but these are the 'normal' things that I want to do. I say 'normal' because they are somehow achievable in about few years or so.

- get on a zip line
- get on a cable car
- fly on a hot air balloon
- learn how to drive
- shop in Paris, France
- go ice skating at Central Park in NYC
- walk on the Great Wall of China

- seriously workout to have awesome abs and toned arms and legs
- dye my hair bloody red
- do the 'memory jar' thing
- have a past life regression session
- live in New York for a year (to study or work OR both)
- say 'Hi' to a Hollywood star
- shoot a real music video
- have an awesome milk bath in a bath tub (with rose petals)
- swim with dolphins
- read a book under an apple tree
- eat a Subway sandwich while I'm on a subway
- have a customized guitar with my name on it
- sing with my favorite artists/singers
- write a song in a different language other than Filipino and English
- see snow; experience Winter
- party the way I did in my junior prom
- hear my song/s on the radio
- learn Tae kwon do
- join a fun run
- hike a huge mountain
- work abroad for a year or so
- go bike riding by the Han River in Korea
- go backpacking across Europe
- eat gyoza and takoyaki in Japan

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