Sep 13, 2012

66 facts about me!

Well, this is not written in a traditional essay or paragraph form. I really do love reading and writing lists. Feels like I'm just about to do some grocery shopping. So, if you have some time and you feel like getting to know me a bit more, I created another list about me using very short, simple and direct to the point words.

1. I can sing in 5 different languages (English and Filipino are not included!)
2. I hate being compared to anyone
3. I can sleep for more then 15 hours and still feel sleepy when I get up
4. I get bored easily
5. I’m VERY selective when it comes to books6. I lie when I need to protect someone or something
7. I can’t live without music
8. I’m a chameleon
9. I like things that most people don’t like (Ex. getting alarm clock or photo frames as Christmas gifts)
10. I keep a lot of things as souvenirs (snack wrappers, tissues, tickets etc.)
11. I love reading letters and magazines
12. I eat street food
13. When I’m listening to Taylor Swift I automatically pretend to have a guitar pick in my hand and I start strumming an invisible guitar! (One time my Grams saw me doing my weird habit, she was entertained and stunned at the same time. She thought I was going nuts. When she asked me why I was doing it, I walked away and grabbed a broom and used it as a guitar! Then, I sang at the top of my lungs and I strum the broom like a maniac. She can’t contain her laughter, she almost peed!)
14. I like looking at the stars and moon
15. I’ve never been on a moving plane or ship!
16. I’m not bossy
17. I love my friends!
18. I have a lot of insecurities
19. I’m hoping one day I’ll be a REAL princess!
20. I know what it’s like to be an outcast in school
21. I was never a class president
22. I’ll never hate chocolates no matter how fat I get
23. I’m not sporty
24. I always sing out loud when I’m alone (yeah even in elevators!) or when I’m in a restroom
25. I dance in front of a mirror when no one’s watching
26. I send out text messages in the middle of the night (I know my friends hate me for that!)
27. I’m very scared of DOGS and DRUNKEN men
28. I have OCD
29. I take cooking seriously
30. I talk, laugh, curse and sing even when I’m sleeping
31. I get nervous all the time! I can’t help it!
32. Sometimes, I get too lazy to heat up my food…or take a shower!
33. When someone seriously asks me to throw, break or step on something, I do it right away!
34. I grew up with my grandparents
35. I’m desperate to learn taekwondo
36. I love Ferris wheel, roller coasters and bump cars!
37. There are songs that stun me for a few minutes; I mean I really can’t move or talk until it’s over!
38. I love rhyming
39. I bang my head when I listen to Paramore
40. I'm allergic to dust, smoke, expensive things and Math
41. I want to sing (and co-write a song) with Jesse Mccartney!
42. I hate it when people accuse me of smoking or dating (Duh?!)
43. I don't buy green jokes
44. Most people laugh (or exhale then shake their heads) when I tell them what I REALLY want to be
45. I can be weird and cool at the same time
46. I want my friends to beat me over the head with the bitter truth but I still want to hear them saying “Everything’s gonna be okay” after an awful conversation
47. I didn’t learn anything from yelling and beating. It left nothing but scars on my personality; it certainly did not make me a better person
48. I’m scared of commitments; I was probably a guy in my past life!
49. Sometimes, I use Prince Harry’s picture as a wall paper of my mobile phone
50. When I’m hurt, I hate hearing the phrase “I told you so”
51. I read fairy tales as if I’m reading them for the first time
52. I still smile the way I did when I was 5 or 6 years old whenever I see the Walt Disney castle in the beginning of Disney movies
53. Sometimes, I use a “heart shape” instead of a dot when I write small letter “i”
54. I like putting the word ‘princess’ before my name
55. I literally spin around (then pose) when people notice I’m wearing a dress or when they give nice comments about it
56. Rolling my eyes is my way of being honest without saying a word
57. A stack of fashion magazine and a good cup of coffee would make my day
58. Sometimes, I make faces in front of the mirror to scare myself
59. I love gummy candies! (Especially the sour worms and the cute bears!)
60. When I haven’t slept for 27 hours, I do a lot of crazy things! I act like a drunk person; I dance even if there’s no music, I sing in a very weird key and I tell lame jokes
61. When I fall flat face on the ground, I take time to laugh at myself before I get up
62. Sometimes, I enjoy it when people gaze and point at me. I find it cool when I hear them whispering “Is she a celebrity?! Who the hell does she think she is?!” LOL :P
63. I automatically switch my ‘hometown accent’ on the moment the bus pulls over at the bus stop of my hometown
64. It takes time to get to know me
65. I just smirk when I talk to people who think they’re smarter than I am
66. People underestimate me most of the time

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