Sep 17, 2012

Cyndrel's Wildest Dreams!

1. Own a house with a fire place
2. When I grow old, I want to spend time with my old pals at least twice a year
3. Drive a convertible with loud music
4. Get on a moving boat, yacht and cruise ship
5. Be with my family before I die
6. Go to Florida (at HOGWARTS park) before I turn 30

7. Be treated like a princess
8. Go to a beach with my friends, watch sunset, and chat around a bonfire at night
9. Have a huge kitchen with complete baking and cooking equipments
10. Live forever in the memories of my family and friends
11. Visit and support an orphanage or any foundation that aims to help sick or battered/abused children
12. Make a mouth watering CHEESE cake
13. Attend a friend’s masquerade/costume party and dress up as CINDERELLA
14. Play with dolphins
15. Have a dolphin stuff toy
16. Do things on my own time
17. Sing and play guitar at a family or school reunion
18. Read a book under an apple tree
19. Fly…
20. Spend a day at a mall with (tooooot!)??!!…hahahahahaha
21. Drive to Baguio
22. Be myself all the time
23. Climb a mountain
24. Fly on a hot air balloon, chopper and glider
25. Have a picture with the whole cast of FRIENDS
26. Go to CAMP ROCK!!! hahaha (if there’s one here in our country!)
27.Write a killer song and make an awesome performance of it

(this list will go on...)

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