Sep 17, 2012

Cyndrel's Wildest Dreams!

1. Own a house with a fire place.
2. When I grow old, I want to spend time with my old pals at least twice a year.
3. Drive a convertible while listening to loud music.
4. Get on a moving boat, yacht and cruise ship.
5. Be with my family before I die.
6. Go to Florida (at HOGWARTS park) before I turn 30. (X)

Sep 13, 2012

66 Facts About Me!

Well, this is not written in a traditional essay or paragraph form. I really do love reading and writing lists. Feels like I'm just about to do some grocery shopping. So, if you have some time and you feel like getting to know me a bit more, I created another list about me using very short, simple and direct to the point words.

1. I can sing in 5 different languages. (English and Filipino are not included!)
2. I hate being compared to anyone.
3. I can sleep for more then 15 hours and still feel sleepy when I get up.
4. I get bored easily.
5. I’m VERY selective when it comes to books.