Aug 22, 2012

My Made Up Quotes

So, every now and then, random thoughts keep popping in my head. Whether I'm in the shower, in the middle of my sleep or right before I get on a train...they never pick a place nor time to pop in! I'd like to share some of those...

"Writing is like talking quietly to a lot of people"

Curb seems like a good place to sing and play a guitar...

Everywhere I go, there's always something that reminds me of you...

A minute can last forever...

There's always an easier way, if you have an open mind and a brave heart, you'll surely find it

I speak and listen at my job; I read and write on my spare time, I hope one day it will be the other way around...

If you've got things that money can't buy, then, you're not poor!

They say life is somehow like a roller coaster, and I agree! It has twists and turns, ups and downs...but you know it's gonna end sometime. So, why not just enjoy the ride? I mean life...

Winning an argument won't get you anywhere. If it's not that important anyway, let it go...

I'm not the kind of person who can't eat lunch alone...I've been doing it since grade school.
I don't mind being with other people, I just prefer to be alone

Some things are more interesting if we don't fully understand them.

Not all generous are rich; not all rich are generous.

Instead of praying for a prettier face or a slimmer body, I just started praying that people would be a little less judgmental.

Decisions made in seconds can change your entire life.

Asking me to talk slow is like forcing me to go to bed while I'm watching a really good show. NOT COOL!

It's okay for me to say GOODBYE if I know I'll see you tomorrow.

If your heart is filled with LOVE, there's no room for jealousy.

Laughing at my dreams : spitting on my face = same thing

If you're in pain and you can still smile from your heart, you're braver than a front-liner in war.

It's nice to sleep and rest your aching body at night knowing you've accomplished something, but I also like the excitement of waking up the next morning because I have to do something cool again.

Life is like a free-size shirt...

July 2012
Cowardice: keeps you alive, gets you nowhere

You can have the greatest voice in the world, but if you can't move a single soul...what's the point of singing?..

Perfection should come out naturally, it shouldn't be planned or forced.

When you're waiting for someone and he's waiting for someone and that someone isn't you ~ it sucks!!!

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