Aug 22, 2012

Something 'bout me

I'm Cyndrel. I have random thoughts inside my head. I usually make fun of my miseries. Sometimes, I don't even understand myself but I'm fed up trying to figure out why I can't. I can't say I'm successful, but I can say that I'm happy (most of the time). I've read from a book that these are two different things and I somehow proved it. 

I like experiencing different emotions because that's how I learn and how I become stronger. I play back good and bad memories from time to time, and I find it really amazing to do that in a snap of a finger. My attention span is about 20 seconds, but I can stretch that if I find things really interesting. I admire a lot of people, most of them celebrities, but I never wanted to live their lives, same way I never want them to live mine. I love living and breathing. I hum (I mean sing at the top of my lungs...) all the time, well except when I have a sore throat. I find it hard to sleep when I'm excited. I eat a lot when I'm sick. When I was a child, I use my sickness to get all the things that I want, but I DON'T do that anymore. I'm a different person inside and outside the house. I love playing tag and I love getting that awesome feeling of 'trying to catch your breath' when someone's chasing you. I'll always love that paranoia of being seen when I'm playing hide-and-seek, as if your playmates are FBI agents and you're the criminal. I have wild imaginations; I dream of other worlds all the time. I never try to be normal, I know I'll never be. I hate proving that I'm right, it just sucks out all my energy. Though I'm all about being positive, there would always be times when I would be extremely negative. Not knowing where I'm headed is such an overwhelming feeling; I get scared about it, but my curiosity scares my fear away. Making people laugh is my pathetic way of earning their trust. I cry when I'm physically hurt; I eat ice cream when I'm emotionally hurt. I'm tired of having regrets, so, I decided not to have much of it anymore as it only kills my will to live my life. I HATE NOT BEING MYSELF. There are times when I would eat and walk (on the streets) at the same time, when you see me doing that, you get a glimpse of the real me. I get my energy from nature: moon, stars, wind, trees etc. 

I have a very weird digestive system. When I fall flat face on the floor, I make sure I bounce back higher than before. I sometimes hate being told what to do, especially when I already know what I'm supposed to do. 

I wrote my very first love letter when I was 14 (end of discussion). I always find it hard to talk to someone I like, but I still try to do that so I won't have regrets later on. You can't take MUSIC away from me, I'll always find my way to it. I love singing but I'm not a great singer. I'm an inborn dancer though. I like learning something cool. I rarely make a good impression. I get migraines from time to time and that's like a hint that I have to stop over thinking. I used to have a very good vision, but I started wearing glasses 2 months before my 25th birthday. Cooking is something I take seriously. I'm fascinated by languages and I love doing accents. I'm very selective when it comes to reading books. I prefer reading on line articles. I write a lot of lists because I think it's much easier to digest that kind of format instead of something like this. I used to be a bad ass in video games, BUT I realized that that obsession was just a phase and I won't want to do that for the rest of my life. I hate being late. And I hate people spitting in public! 

I love writing and rhyming~ I think I got them from my maternal grandfather. I never liked the idea of playing guitar until I was 16. 

I believe in miracles. Most people think I'm childish and that I'm a brat because when I want something, I rarely quit until I get it. I don't normally stare at people, unless they're really really CUTE. I enjoy getting on public transportation IF there's not much traffic jam and I won't have to trade faces with other people. My mind drifts when I'm waiting in line. I watch TV like there's nothing else in the world BUT the TV. Independence for me is like gas on a car; it keeps me going! And talking, for me, is just as important as breathing.

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