Aug 24, 2012

Funny signs I was probably a guy in my past life!

So, one day, I was thinking about the WEIRD things that I've been doing...- I lift the toilet seat and whistle when I pee (in public restrooms)
- I'm SO scared of commitments and responsibilities!
- There was a time in my life when I got SO addicted to basketball and video games (it's weird!)
- I hate waiting
- I try to ditch people by not replying to their text messages or by ignoring their calls
- I can't stand high-heeled shoes (ALL.THE FREAKING. TIME!)
- Some pretty girls confess that they LIKE me or they have a crush on me (wahahaha, this is nuts!) I know they don't like me in a GROSS way, and I don't like them in WHATEVER way. Maybe they like me the way little girls like DOLLS, but it's still weird to hear it from them! haha
- I like action movies
- I usually put my keys on my belt loop, I got this brilliant idea from my father! (and I love the way they sound when I walk)
- When I'm daydreaming, I put my hands at the back of my neck
- Sometimes, I think of powder and foundation as a pack of DUST that girls voluntarily put on their faces
- I can't stand girl talks ALL THE FREAKING TIME!
- I roll up my sleeves when I need to do some physical tasks
- I hate being called 'GIRL' (hahahaha!)
- I hate explaining why my joke is funny
- I easily get along with guys (as long as they're not a freak or pervert), I always find a common interest with them (ex. video games, anime...)
- I have a very low voice
- I like rapping
- I like sitting at the back (of classrooms and city buses, which are normally occupied by guys)

I know I'm a GIRL (but I really prefer to be called DUDE), I love wearing skirts and dresses, I put make up on (whenever I want), I have a long list of crushes (mostly royal bloods with breathtaking accents!) and I never liked girls no matter how pretty they are. It's just that...coming up with a funny list like this intrigued the shit out of me! Maybe I did something horrible in the past and that I have to pay it back by being a GIRL in this lifetime. Who knows?! Haha...

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