Aug 22, 2012

Random things and thoughts that make me happy

I'm a very simple minded person. There are lots of things in this world that makes me ridiculously happy though they seem pretty normal or even boring for most people. I have learned throughout the course of my crazy life that I don't really need expensive things to experience LIFE at its best. The simple things in life are the ones that you'd treasure in the end. 

So, I made a list of these random thoughts and things that make me happy. They are not in particular order!

- awesome lyrics + awesome beat = I can't stop my shoulders from moving!!!
- flip flops (woooohooo!)
- typing like a maniac when you're really excited
- snapping my fingers, listening to upbeat songs in the front seat of a friend's car
- biting off the heads of gummy bears (rawr!)
- an hour and a half massage
- thigh-slapping stories
- pink beddings
- sitting on a city bus, listening to old songs from the radio on a rainy day
- finding bills and coins from your pocket or purse when you thought you're already out of money
- break your heart into a thousand pieces and put them back up just like a LEGO (haha!)
- making a hundred crappy decisions but managing to stay HAPPY at this point
- doing something good for people queuing in front of you or next to you at grocery stores
- not being scared to cry
- letting go of my fears
- smiling and meaning it
- screaming at a pillow :P
- warm socks on a cold night
- my favorite cereal hanging on my spoon
- that feeling that you can't sleep because of too much happiness
- remembering your 'shining moments'
- the applause too...
- unwrapping my favorite chocolate bar
- walking in the rain
- harmless pranks
- running into a cute creature (bonus point if he smiles at you)
- new pens
- cute stickers
- songs that perfectly describe your current situation
- white shirt and pajamas
- Disney songs
- The Ellen DeGeneres Show
- castles (*melts*)
- staring at Thomas Kinkade's works
- the Belgian prince (watch out Prince Harry, you've got competition! haha)
- mic stand
- strumming a guitar
- late night talks with your friends (on the phone and in person!)
- my favorite cologne
- lousy dance moves
- late night TV watching + lights off + strawberry yogurt
- scrapbooking
- sharing umbrella with strangers
- long talks with cousins
- making a grumpy person laugh
- peace talks
- meeting new (& cool) people
- losing unwanted weight
- smooth & manageable hair
- knitted sweater
- knowing your worth

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